Plate Magnets

Permanent Plate magnets are installed in the base of inclined Gravity feed chutes to extract ferrous metals from materials being processed. It is fitted into a cut out on the base of the chute and the hinge provided. It is either welded or screwed on to the base.

  • Magnets are encased in Stainless Steel Housing.
  • Wedge provided on magnetic face for retention of ferrous material trapped.
  • Manufactured in four magnetic strengths.
  • Stainless Steel Hinges provided for installation.
  • From 6″ width onwards in increments of 2″ up to 40″ width.
  • Ferrite Medium Power ( FMP) – 2- 3″ Burden
  • Ferrite High Power ( FHP) – 3- 4″ Burden
  • Rare Earth High Power ( REHP) Shallow Burden
  • Rare Earth Ultra High Power ( REUHP) – Shallow Burden

Tube Magnet

Tube Magnets is used for the extraction of fine iron from free flowing granular / powder products. The 1″ diameter tube is manufactured in length to suit customer requirement. The magnet is generally made with a high intensity Rare Earth magnetic circuit, which attract and secure unwanted iron present in the product stream.

They can also be supplied with ferrite magnetic pressings for less severe applications. The tube magnet is manufactured with Plain ends or with M6 threaded ends. It is recommended to use Ferrite Magnetic tubes for tramp iron particles and Rare Earth Magnetic tubes for trapping fine ferrous or weakly magnetic contamination. The magnetic circuit utilizes the strongest magnetic material available to recover fine iron contamination and prevent wash off of material collected.


  • One inch dia tubes having a strength of 11500 Gauss.
  • Tubes in Stainless Steel (316 / 304)construction.
  • Powerful Rare Earth Magnetic circuit.
  • Special circuits for 70oC, 120oC Aand 200oC applications.
  • Powerful Ceramic circuits for tramp iron collection.
  • Available in standard lengths beyond 6″ in 2″ increments.
  • Also Custom made to any length.


  • Tube with M6 threaded ends with countersunk socket head screw.
  • Tubes with plain ends.
  • Tubes with M6 threaded ends.

Circular / Rectangular Magnet

Circular and Rectangular grates are manufactured from the standard 1″ diameter Tube Magnets to suit installation in Conical or Rectangular hoppers. These units are available in standard sizes but also custom built to suit the customer requirement. The magnet is generally made with a high intensity Rare Earth magnetic circuit, which attract and secure unwanted iron present in the product stream. The grates can also have Ferrite magnetic circuit for special applications.

Grate In Housing

Grate in Housing is a unit used in gravity fed vertical pipelines or rectangular ducts. These units come with a single row or multiple row of magnets. The magnetic tubes are mounted on a frame that slides into the housing. The housing is provided with a door locked with toggle clamps. The magnet spacing is available in two variants namely TGH- 51mm spacing and FGH- 38mm spacing designed for specific type of separation to be achieved. These units are available in standard sizes and can be provided with adapters ( optional).The entire unit is made of Stainless Steel but also custom built to suit the customer requirement. The magnet is generally made with a high-intensity Rare Earth magnetic circuit, which attract and secure unwanted iron present in the product stream. For selection the open area of the grate should be 10% more than the area of the pipeline or duct.

Hump Magnet

PMG Hump Magnet provides an effective way for removal of iron contamination from gravity fed dry free flowing material such as feed, grain, wood chips, plastics, etc. Material enters the Hump magnet and after passing over the first powerful magnet is forced to change the direction of the flow over the second magnet. The tramp iron which is the heavier particle comes in contact with the magnetic face thus ensuring their removal twice over.The hump magnet can also be designed in half hump construction with one Plate Magnet. The ferrous contamination stays on the face of the magnet which can be removed manually by swinging open the magnet.

Pipe Line Magnet

PMG Pipe Separator is used for installation on inclined or vertical gravity fed pipe lines for sluggish productsthat tend to choke in a grate magnet. The pipe separator can replace a Bullet/Cartridgemagnet and perform more efficiently. A Plate Magnet designed for efficient removal oftramp or fine iron contamination built into a Stainless Steel housing eliminates installation expense and guarantees excellent results. For installation a portion of the existing pipeline is cut and the Pipe Separator is slipped into position. A Stainless Steel baffle provided inside the housing directs the material towards the magnetic face ensuring effective separation.

The choice of the magnet depends on the application. FMP / FHP / REHP / REUHP magnets can be built into the assembly.

REHP model has peak strength in excess of 5500 gauss and REUHP model has peak strength in excess of 8500 gauss on magnet surface. The Plate Magnets are hinged at one end and provided with Stainless Steel Toggle clamps at the other end for locking. The release of the toggle clamps swings the Plate Magnets open and assists in cleaning of the magnet surface.

Liquid Magnetic Trap

Permanent Liquid Traps are installed on pipelines to extract ferrous and weakly magnetic metals from liquid processing and conveying pipelines. Trap design forces the material to pass through magnetic tubes closely spaced to ensure close contact between product and magnetic field. Ferrous contamination is magnetically extracted from the liq- uid by the powerful Rare Earth magnets and held on the tube surface. For cleaning remove the lid -magnetic tube assembly from the housing and wipe off the metal contaminants.


  • High Intensity Rare Earth Magnets encased in SS Tubes.
  • The Lid and Housing in Stainless Steel.
  • Quick release V- Band coupling in Stainless Steel.
  • O- Ring provided between lid and housing.
  • BSP threaded or Flanged connection (OPTIONAL).
  • For special applications water jacketed design provided.


  • LT-2 -2″ Inlet / Outlet
  • LT-3 -3″ Inlet / Outlet
  • LT-4 -4″ Inlet / Outlet

Grate In Housing- Easy To Clean

Easy to Clean Grate in Housing combines the advantages of the extreme Strength of Rare magnetic tube With ease of operation of sliding the grate for cleaning the grate cleaning the contamination trapped.

All the tubes in each bank can be cleaned without having to wipe them by hand. Manual Push Pull ensures that all the contaminants trapped and accumulated is stripped of the tube surface and discharged into ferrous discharge chute provided integral to the housing. The tubes are housed in a dust tight stainless steel housing provide with inlet and outlet flange for ease of installation on square, rectangular or round pipes. The housing can be configured to hold one or two rows of Grates. An Inspection door is provided at the rear of the housing which is locked with quick release toggle clamps.


  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Separate contamination Discharge Chute
  • Pull-push design for scraping of accumulated contamination
  • Available in one or two rows of grate
  • Available with Rare Earth or Ferrite magnetic circuit
  • Inlet and outlet flanges provided with holes for ease of installation.

Ultrareach Magnet

permanent Ultrareach magnetic separator is installed on vertical ducts or vertical pipeline to remove tramp iron from heavy flows of chunky material that normally bridge or choke on other types of magnetic separators.

Two powerful magnetic circuit on either side of the Ultrareach ensures a continuous magnetic field through the separator opening. The material can flow through unhindered and any tramp iron present is caught on the face of either of the magnets. The Ultrareach magnets can be made with Ferrite or Rare Earth magnetic circuit.

PM Magnet

PM Magnet was developed for removing ferrous contamination from plastic pellets, flake and regrind prior to feeding the material on to the injection moulding machine, extruder or compounding equipment.

The grate in housing has the magnets mounted on Acrylic plate so that the contamination collected is visible. A gate provided enables the blocking of material flow while the magnets are wiped clean of contamination.

The top and bottom flanges of the housing is customized to suit specific requirement of the customer.The Rare Earth Magnetic circuit can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius. The equipment is available in 4 sizes.