Gravity Fall Metal Detector

These metal detectors are designed for free fall materials. There is a high frequency precision search head to pick signals of ferrous & non ferrous fine grade metal contaminants. These fine grade metal contaminants are ejected using flap type reject mechanism. The detector and reject mechanism are mounted together on stands which are provided with caster wheels, for mobility.

  • Fabricated in SS 316 / SS 304 grade.
  • Highly sensitive to detect ferrous, non ferrous and SS.
  • Varied aperture size.
  • Built to meet exact specifications.
  • High frequency search head.
  • Rapid reject diverter mechanism
  • Fast easy cleaning.
  • Metal Detectors with through put of 25,000/ kg/hr can be made.
  • Widely used for granules / powders/spices and all free flowing materials.